Soft Lock - v0.1 LTD

The Soft Lock application has been developed to provide a quick and easy way of locking a Cisco IP Phone device from being able to make and / or receive calls.

Users have typically used Extension Mobility to log on and off preventing calls from being made of received from a telephone. The issue with this approach is that it takes a number of key actions on the Cisco handsets and does not offer the flexibility, for instance, to still receive calls, but restrict any others than emergency services being reached.

The application is typical configured to allow a user to dial a very short code such as *81 which immedately hangs the phone up and soft locks it. To unlock the phone the user can dial *82 followed by their pin and again the phone is very quickly avaialble for use.

For more information please contact the DominoComms team to discuss your requirements.

Price: $995

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