CallManager Pin Extract v4 to v5+ - v2.01

As part of the process of upgrading Cisco CallManager 4.x to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x then as part of the upgrade Cisco require that you reset every extension mobility user's password and pin back to a single default.

This can cause a great amount of pain during the upgrade as it causes a large security risk to the company and generates large amounts of support calls.

This application solves the majority of the problems in this area. The application acquires data from the legacy CCM4.x solution and then recovers the user's pin information. A new password is generated from this information thus providing security to ccmuser.

Once the application has acquired every users pin information it is sent into the new CUCM system, thus allowing users on day 1 after the upgrade to login to extension mobility with their original pin.

In the first 20,000 telephone upgrades it is estimated that this application has saved approximately 10 man days of work.

Recent Quote from a 7,000 handset migration: "If it wasn't for your script for migrating over the PINs and password solution, our help desks would have been completely inundated!"



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